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Hallmark Exposes Hidden Gay Agenda In The War On Christmas

Hallmark inadvertently fired the first shot in this years annual ‘War on Christmas’. In an effort to create a Christmas controversy that wasn’t raging, they removed the word ‘gay’ from their Deck The Halls Christmas sweater ornament.

Throughout my life, I’ve had friends in the LGBT Community that range from ambiguously gay to militant activists. I have yet to hear a single one of them complain about the use of the word gay in Christmas carols. Or anywhere else that the word is used to in a historical context to mean happy or joyful.

Whoever made the decision was probably just being over-cautious and didn’t mean to cause harm or offense, but it did. Simply removing the word from the ornament is  enough to lead small-minded anti-gay bigots to believe that we asked for the word to be removed.

Militantly anti-gay ‘christians’ whipping themselves into a frenzy over another manufactured ‘crisis’ is nothing new. They’ll use any excuse to rant about some imaginary hidden ‘gay agenda’. Never ones to disappoint, the hateful tirades began almost immediately in comment sections and editorials all over the internet. At the top of the list is Peter LaBarbera at Americans for Truth.

Thank god America has people like him making sure we remember the reason for the season.

While this brought unwarranted negative attention to our community, that is not why I took offense. What I find offensive is that anybody would believe that the LGBT Community is focused on use of the word ‘gay’ in a historical context in a classic Christmas carol!

Lesbian, Gay and Transgendered people live in a world where we do not have equal rights. We live in a world where we suddenly find ourselves in life or death situations, simply for being gay. We are murdered, simply for being gay. Suicide among LGBT Youths is epidemic, as a result of the inhumane treatment they receive.

Lawrence KingOne of the most heartbreaking stories I’ve ever encountered is the murder of Larry King, a 15 year old boy. I thought it was horrible from the moment I learned of it in 2008. The true horrors weren’t revealed until I saw the HBO Documentary, “Valentine Road“. It’s hard to believe that the two bullets that killed him weren’t the worst suffering he endured in his life.

Shirley Brown, Larry’s seventh grade teacher at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, California Says She Relates to His Killer

I do believe in a heaven and a hell, and I do believe Larry honestly did not have a clue, honestly, the consequences of his actions. I relate to Brandon because I could see my own self being in that very same position. I don’t know if I would have taken a gun, but a good, swift kick in the butt might work really well.

-Shirley Brown

So no, I don’t give a damn about whether or not the word ‘gay’ is written on a Christmas ornament. Neither should you.

The only ‘gay agenda’ I have, is stopping the violence against my community, at all costs. I intend to continue my fight for causes that further a more peaceful world for all of us, LGBT and straight alike.

If you would like to help, there are many wonderful LGBT organizations. These are just some of my favorites.

The Trevor Project Project

The Human Rights Campaign 

It Gets Better


Image Credits: Associated Press; Wayman Hudson

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