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The Rainbow Blend: December 5, 2013

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New Putin biography suggests “Thou doth protest too much“.

Magic Johnson shows that it’s possible to love both God and gays.

Recent report shows LGBT immigrants face extraordinary inhumane treatment in U.S.  ICE system.

Martin Bashir forced to resign for pointing out Sarah Palin’s blatant racism; Sarah Palin faces no repercussions for anything she says.

Reality rebuffs Republican claims that Obamacare is a failure.



Jessica Lange’s Fiona reasserts her Supremacy on this weeks American Horror Story.

In new biography of Morrisey published by G.P. Putnam edits out the gay in U.S. release.


Marriage Equality

Hawaii State Rep. McDermott claims he isn’t a bigot, as he tries to overturn new Marriage Equality law. Maybe he can recruit anti-gay lesbian Rep. Jo Jordan’s support.

Bloomington becomes the latest Indiana city to reject proposed constitutional Marriage Equality ban.



Australia not only supports LGBT soldiers, they’re proud of them.

The New Zealand Defence Force endorses the “It Gets Better” Project, releases video.



Lesbian police detective receives anti-gay letter, apparently written by a third grader.

Before ALEC lobbied for “Stand Your Ground” laws, they were just another anti-gay hate group.

The Republican party seems to have abandoned their “autopsy” as they oppose LGBT GOP candidates.

Is notoriously anti-gay Pat Robertson secretly Transgender?

Rainbow Blend

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