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Rep. Jo Jordan’s Latest Apology Falls Flat


Rep. Jo Jordan makes another incoherent  flailing attempt to explain voting against LGBT equality in Hawaii:

She shamefully spoke of  her own figurative “body wounds and scars”. As she spoke, millions of gays, lesbians and transgendered Americans continue to live under constant fear of actual body wounds, scars and death.

She goes on to say:

“I’m not held to any specific conviction but I do have certain beliefs that I hold near and dear. And in this process I have been shown so much love by a community I thought hated me.”

This comment only proves my earlier points: either you are completely ignorant of the realities of the world around you, or you are fully in the pocket of these anti-gay right wing religious hate groups.

Clearly, you do not understand that the Marriage Equality debate is just the latest front in their war on our community.

Please allow me to educate you on some of the ‘loving’ actions perpetrated on the LGBT Community by your new friends in the National Organization For Marriage, American Family Association, and the Family Research Council, and other hate groups.

Here’s your friend, Brian S. Brown from the National Organization For Marriage:

And your new BFF, Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council:

Perkins Says:

“Homosexual behavior is harmful not only to society but more importantly to the individuals who engage in that behavior.”

Your new loving supporters also support the oppressive new Russian laws that are putting millions of LGBT Russians in grave danger.

Bryan Fischer, of the American Family Association, praised the new Russian anti-gay laws for  understanding  that “homosexual behavior is a moral evil.”

She goes on to say:

“And I found so much hate in a community that I thought embraced me. See Mr. Speaker, I have no hate for them.”

What you are experiencing, Rep. Jordan,  is not hate. It is the righteous anger of the LGBT Community that you have earned by voting in direct opposition to the Equal Rights that so many, far better than you, have fought, bled and even died for.

While we may not hate you, I think you’ll find that your  actions have  certainly served to excommunicate you from the LGBT Community. Perhaps you can ask them to help you pray your gay away.

Well, maybe not. Even Exodus International, the world’s largest ex-gay therapy group, has apologized to the gay community for the harm it has caused and announced it will now close.

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