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Rep Jo Must Go!

I urge all readers of The Liberal Brew to consider signing the following Twitition: Rep Jo Must Go (Petition on Twitter) 

Representative Jo Jordan

House District 44
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 323
phone: 808-586-8460



Pursuant to your NO vote on Hawaii Marriage Equality Act of 2013, known as Senate Bill 1, you are no longer fit to represent Hawaii’s 44th Legislative House District.

Not because you are the Nation’s first openly Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual or Transgendered legislator to vote against Marriage Equality, and therefore, LGBT Equality generally, as disgraceful of an act as that was.

You should resign your office, effective immediately, because you voted against your constituent’s best interests and stated desires. By your own admission, 75% of the 44th House District is IN FAVOR of the law, and 55% of the residents of the State of Hawaii are also IN FAVOR of the law.

Many members of the LGBT community, far greater than yourself, have suffered and far too many have died, and continue to die, to further the cause of LGBT Equality.

We hope that you will do the right thing and resign your House Legislative seat, effective immediately.

Shame On You.


Your Fellow LGBT Citizens of America, and our Allies.

To sign this Twitition, please visit Rep Jo Must Go.

This petition is a lawful and peaceful internet protest campaign seeking the voluntary resignation of Hawaii State Legislator Jo Jordan. I ask that all who participate remain respectful towards Rep. Jordan and her supporters. Rep. Jordan’s Official State Office contact information, which is a matter of public record, has been provided for your convenience.


Rep. Jo Jordon responds to her critics in the LGBT Community

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