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Reagan Legacy Of HIV/AIDS Inaction Killed 41k Americans

Here we go again. Every four years, Republican Party dusts off its collection of Ronald Reagan political porn. They expect us to sit quietly by as their candidates take to the stump and frantically pleasure themselves in front of America. All in an effort to prove ...

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Speaker Boehner Finds His Balls


It’s a Christmas miracle. After 3 years as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, John Boehner seems to finally have found his missing balls. Apparently, Boehner has had enough. Yesterday, he publicly shared his frustration with the far ...

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Big Business Strikes Back

Two things are clear from the results of yesterday’s Election: Big Business has finally woken up and the imminent demise of the radical Tea Party has begun. The Tea Party has been able to enjoy its rise to power within the ...

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