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The Rainbow Blend: November 10, 2013

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Rainbow Blend Nov 10


WATCH: Behind-The-Scenes Of The Historic Election Of A Gay Congressman

New Mexico Wedding Photography Anti-Gay Discrimination Case Now At NM Supreme Court



Lady Gaga Discusses Bisexuality, Gay Icon Status In ‘Attitude’


Marriage Equality

Senate will pass same-sex marriage bill on Tuesday

‘Kids React To Gay Marriage’ In New Video From The Fine Brothers


LGBT Rights

Naomi Jakobsson, Illinois State Rep, Left Her Dying Son’s Side To Vote For Gay Marriage Bill

Grandfather Writes Letter To His Daughter After She Kicks Out His Gay Grandson (This is an older story. If you haven’t read it, read it! If you have, read it again. It will make you smile all over again. I promise.)

Something To Celebrate: 21 Of The Best LGBT Moments From November 4 – November 10



White Anti-Gay Activist Pretends To Be Black To Win Houston Election

US: Walmart caretaker fired for telling gay couple to leave store

Bogus Copyright Claims Take Down Right Wing Watch YouTube Account 

Rainbow Blend


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