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Lizz Winstead Fights The War On Women, From V To Shining V

Comedians have always been able to say the things we all wish we could, with less fear of repercussion From the clown-like medieval court jesters to the modern day philosopher George Carlin, society can always count on heavy doses of truth with a side of side-splitting laughter.

We live in a society where the mainstream media is so concerned with the fast-paced world of the trends of the 24 hour news cycle. This makes the service that class clowns like Jon Stewart’s  The Daily Show and  Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report all the more valuable. Without taking anything away from their comedic timing and hilarious senses of humor, they would be lost without the team they have behind them.

Lizz Winstead is one of those geniuses.

On Monday, she and Sarah Silverman joined  New York Abortion Access Fund to host Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose, an online telethon in New York City to raise money for women’s reproductive rights in the state of Texas. The $50,000 proceeds will be benefit the Lilith FundTexas Equal Access Fund, Fund Texas Women and Whole Woman’s Texas Action Fund.

The highlight of the evening came at the end of the night,  when Winstead  announced that she would soon be launching “V to Shining V”, which Winstead described as a “massive website campaign to”a massive interactive website … to go into all the different states and expose all these assholes.”

You go girl!

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